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We have built a platform focused on aiding entrepreneurs, startups, and companies raise capital from anyone.

Back Others

Group ECO

Back Others

Group ECO

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This equity FundPress platform allows businesses to sell shares in their company to accredited investors.

Celebration Of Culture

Atlanta Celebration Of Culture 24/7 parties for the weekend of Aug 11  

New School

School Grand Opening fundraised on this platform

Restaurant Franchise Opening

New Restaurant grand opening this establishment was funded on this platform.

From the Journal

It allows you to gather monthly subscriptions from fans to help fund your creative projects. They also encourage their users to offer rewards to fans as a way to repay them for their support.

KC New Album

KC New Album

New KC album funding here. Long-Awaited: DONATE AND GET XYZ GET XYZ MORE MORE BEST OVERALL



Funding for new SLY ROBIN movie here  New Movie Funding: First this first that Signed Memorabilia  Exclusive Content Early viewing and chat with actors 

Housing And Small Bussiness Grants

Housing And Small Bussiness Grants

Grants awarded for housing, small Business, and HBCU grants Grants: Free Grants Home Grants Business Grants Education Grants

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